Research on Education and Psychology (REP) publishes qualified studies whose findings and designs are important in terms of international education and psychology, in all the topics which keep up to date within education and psychology. The aim of REP is to be focal point for international and interdisciplinary original scientific studies in the fields of education and psychology and to produce qualified discussions. Therefore, it is expected that the studies to be held in the journal have both statistical significance and original discussions which illuminate topics of education and psychology. It is important that studies in the REP fill a gap in the literature of education and psychology and provide a basis for new researches. In the REP, original researches, quantitative, qualitative and clinic studies, and case analysis with strong theoretical background, well-structured research design and analysis, good relationship between research object and literature, and results and discussions causing practical expansions are published. Thus, it is aimed to contribute a formation of accumulation that persons and/or institutions studing in the field of national and international education and psychology benefit.